The latest evolution of the Carcoon, the drive in Carcoon provides all the protection of the normal Carcoon while ensuring that nothing ever touches your vehicle, simply drive the vehicle into the Carcoon, zip shut the access panels and turn the power on.

The Drive-in Carcoon’s internal frame supports the body of the Carcoon when the access panels are opened; this allows you to easily park or remove your vehicle. The side panels of the Carcoon open up to allow easy access to perform any activities on your vehicle.

Drive-in Carport Carcoon also available – intended for use in semi-sheltered situations like carports. Click for more information…

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Drive-in Carcoon

Like all Carcoon’s, the Drive-in Carcoon is designed to be reliable and simple. Allowing simple drive-in/drive-out access, with a lightweight tubular steel frame supporting the Carcoon.

This is ideal for the more frequent user, and the side access panels can be very handy for the enthusiast who needs access for detailing or maintenance work.