Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My garage is damp, will the Carcoon Airflow System still protect my car?

A: The Carcoon is designed for such protection. Click here for more information.

Q: Can I use the Carcoon outdoors under my carport to cover my car?

A: We do not recommend the single skin unit for outdoor use.  However, the double skin Carcoon was designed to be used outdoors.

This Carcoon is made using very special alloy coated material called ‘MVCR’. This material is used on the outer of the two skins and alone blocks 99.9% of damaging UV Rays. This silver coating also stops the build-up of heat inside the unit by blocking the Infra Red light. Internal temperatures are further stabilised by using a three piece insulated base mat, making special use of insulating foam technology.

Read more about our outdoor Carcoons here.

Q: Does the Carcoon constantly blow large volumes of air into the bubble?

A: The Carcoon has two modes of operation.  The first is the initial drying mode where maximum airflow across a warm vehicle removes all the moisture. This establishes a dry car in a dry environment.

The essential drying mode is followed by the equally important storage mode. Here, airflow from the ambient is effectively blocked by the super-atmospheric re-circulating airflow through the Activated Carbon filters. These filters are fitted on the inside of the two air treatment units. See photos of these filters here.

Q: Do you have a brochure?

As a matter of fact we do! Download our brochure here (PDF of 764 KB).

Q: How much does the Carcoon Airflow System cost to run?

A: The Carcoon uses two 12-volt 0.23amp brushless ventilators to provide its active airflow, these are extremely efficient and reliable ventilators similar to the cooling fans used in modern PC computers, in normal operation they don’t work under much load and draw under half an amp which is about half the power usage the normal TV uses on standby, so its running costs are literally a few cents per day. The Bike Bubble uses only one ventilator, so the running costs are halved.

Q: How long do the filters last?

A: The primary filters are the first barrier against airborne pollutants, so it makes perfect sense to keep these washable filters clean, changing them every couple of years or so, depending on the storage conditions.

The inner Activated Carbon Filters are constantly working 24×7 to improve the storage conditions within the Carcoon. So for best results, the Carbon filters should be changed after the equivalent of one year’s continual use.

Q: What size cover do I need for my car?

A: The Carcoon is made in four standard sizes. From Size 3 – the smallest – which suits cars like the MGB etc, Size 4 suits 911s and 360s, Size 5 is for most Falcons and Commodores, through to Size 6 for Rolls Royce-sized vehicles. Special sizes are also listed to 7 and 8 but are not normally stocked items.

Sizes can be found in the online store.

Also note that the inflated Carcoon is a little wider (width only) than the base mat. To calculate inflated width for any size, add 30cm to the listed base width. If in doubt, click here to request the size needed for your car.

Q: My car is very tall, could you make a Carcoon with a little extra height to cover my car?

A: Yes, we certainly can. We can increase the height of any standard size – just ask!

Q: Could you make a special size Carcoon to suit my vehicle?

A: We are able to custom-make a Carcoon to your dimensions – just ask!

Q: Do you supply Australian compatible electronics?

A: Yes, we do have Australian, New Zealand, European, UK and USA fully compatible electronics.

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