Drive-In Carcoon

These are a new introduction in the car accessories segment. Drive-in car storage is convenient, simple and reliable.  They must be used in semi-sheltered areas such as carports. They keep the car safe from damage and external elements such as dust and ultraviolet rays.

Physical Attributes

The drive-in carcoon has distinct physical attributes that makes it an effective protective cover for cars. It has an outer skin that is made using a special alloy coated material which protects the car against harmful ultraviolet rays. The car is also protected against dust, smoke and other elements present in the surrounding atmosphere.

Method of Use

The drive-in carcoon is available in a variety of sizes so one can just select a drive-in storage according to the size of their car.  The sizes for the drive-in storage include extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

A person can simply drive their cars in into the storage, zip up the access panels and then turn on the power. The internal frame of the storage is made of lightweight tubular steel and supports the structure when the access panels are opened. These access panels enable users to park or remove their vehicles easily.


A very reliable and convenient way of car storage, the drive-in storage has many other benefits to offer. The outer layer of the storage offers 99.9% protection against ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can damage the exterior of the car and can lead to fading. This drive-in car storage therefore keeps the car safe against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Additional security is another benefit offered by the drive-in car storage. It keeps the car hidden from view and can be placed as an indoor unit or in a semi-sheltered area.

In a nutshell, the simple drive-in storage is ideal for vehicle storage purposes and keeps vehicles safe from harm or damage.

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