How To Protect and Store Your Tyres

The protection and storage of tyres is something that needs ample attention. If you live in a place where you have extreme summers or winters, you will probably have to keep two pairs of tyres; one for the summer and one for the winter season.

Idle tyres that are stored away when not needed deteriorate over time due to oxidation and natural aging. Even ultraviolet rays can damage tyres and leave cracks on their surface. Tyres can be damaged in other ways as well that include developing leaks, weakening of the carcass or complete tyre failure.

Tyres that are in use usually face less deterioration as oil in the tyres travels to the surface and keeps the rubber supple. Here are a few simple tips to help you protect and store your tyres carefully.


Before you store the tyres, make sure that they are free from dirt, grime and other elements that may damage the rubber. Use a tyre brush and a good quality cleaner to remove dirt. When the tyre is clean in and out, use a towel to dry the excess moisture and then leave them to air dry.


Use tyre bags or airtight storage bags to cover each tyre individually. Make sure that the bags are sealable. When you put the tyres in the bags, ensure that most of the air is out before you seal them. The bags help protect the tyres against sunlight, ozone and condensation.


The tyres must be stored in a clean and dry place. The storage area must also be cool, dark and well-ventilated as well. Tyres should not be stored near electrical devices and must be stacked vertically to reduce stress or tyre distortion.

Garages and basements are good options for tyre storage. Do not store tyres in areas where the temperature keeps on fluctuating as frequent changes in temperature can cause tyres to age faster.

Carcoon offers the Tyre Tote which is a tyre carrying and storage system that alleviates the mess and strain of seasonal tyre change. It is ideal for short or long term tyre storage solution.

The Tyre Garage is another innovative and new product that allows you to keep tires outside to free up extra space in your storage areas.  It is made of the same rugged weatherproof shell used to make boat covers and awnings. It retains its color and strength for years of normal exposure to sunlight and rain, resists mildew and cleans easily.

Also great for inside storage, the Tyre Garage will cover up that unsightly pile of tires.

Contact Carcoon for more information on tyre protection and storage.