Motorbike Covers for Ultimate Storage

Easy to Use

People who need to leave their motorbikes outdoors need an easy to use cover that will keep their bike safe. Not only can these covers protect from the weather, but they help ensure that your bike will not wind up with a scratch that will damage the value of the vehicle. Selecting the right cover for your bike is essential to getting the protection you need to keep it in good working condition.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when selecting a cover for your motorbike so you can make sure that it is going to last.

Brand of Motorbike

Before you purchase a cover, make sure the brand has designed the cover to work with your bike. Even if you notice that the cover has the brand name of your motorbike associated with it, it might not be for the model that you ride. Do your research and make sure that the cover will fit properly.

Half Covers and Full Covers

Also check to make sure you know the difference between the half covers and full covers. Full covers are intended to protect the bike in its entirety, while half covers are just used to keep the handlebars and seat dry. You may need both to cover your various riding habits.


Check to see what you can do with the cover when it is not on your motorbike. Most covers should collapse easily for convenient storage, but some have more body and will take up more room. If you are purchasing a cover with a heavy-duty lining you will probably not be able to collapse it very easily so you will need to plan for adequate storage space when you are out riding.

The product description should outline what you need to do to manage your cover and what is needed to expand it again to cover your bike.

If you are purchasing a thin cover that is intended to collapse to a very small size, consider taking it along with you on long rides. You can easily store a half cover in a saddle bag, pulling it out when you stop. This will help prevent people from messing with your bike and will help keep it dry in case you happen to run into bad weather. If you are looking for a cover that you can take with you, make sure you check out travelling models that will not add a lot of bulk or weight to your ride.

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