US Army Sealed Workstation
US Army 28m WorkStation - MFTS 11

8.0m Medium; New Sealed Structure


The full size Workstation is still very portable. Will fit all full size cars, trucks and SUV’s with ease.

7.62L x 4.25W x 2.56H


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The New Sealed Workstation has all the features of the traditional Workstation with the added benefit of not requiring a constant pressure fan. The sealed main body of the Workstation once inflated will hold pressure for weeks at a time. A built in over pressure valve protects against variations in pressures caused by heat and cold.

The Standard size 8.0m Workstation is an ideal product for mobile repairers. Fits most size cars, SUV’s and utes.  Also suitable for an isolation chamber for Vehicle Wraps, Window Tinting, etc.

The Workstation is effectively a fully functioning mobile paint booth using a two thousand eight hundred CFM air supply unit and industry standard filter media both on the input and exhaust.

Find out more about the benefits of Carcoon workstations which are available in a range of sizes for a variety of purposes.

Features & Specifications

The Drive-in portable Workstation is based on High Volume Low Pressure Technology. Set up and take down can be done in a matter of minutes. The Workstation runs on 240 volts. It’s very economical and can be used virtually anywhere.

Our Latest drive in Workstation Features a massive 16.63 m2 of filter area. The total paint arrest filter area is 10.77 m2 (four filters). Two carbon filters add an additional 2.39 m2 helping to eliminate odors fro the workstation. The two massive input filters combine for another 3.85 m2.

  • Cross flow ventilated mobile Workstation
  • Designed to help the S.M.A.R.T.(mobile) Repairer comply with Health and Safety and Environment Protection
  • Designed to improve working conditions and productivity.
  • Workspace – 6.9m x 3.45m, 2.16m high access
  • Total footprint 7.62m x 4.25m, 2.56m High
  • Weight 68kg, Fan units 15Kg & 17Kg, optional Hardcase storage box 10kg.


  • PVC Glass clear-frame retardant-antistatic additive
  • Light weight specially coated Nylon and Polyester
  • Heavy duty PVC coated polyester base material
  • Splash proof 8mm coil type closers.

Air Supply

  • Inflator/Deflator fan, 2 x 2000 watts, 2000 litres per min, 4.5 kg 32 cm x 17 cm h x 26 cm
  • Max Air Supply 1/3 H.P 3180CFM 230 volt 3 speed 50Hz size 45x47x47cm weight 15.4Kg
  • Air changes, every 3 minutes
  • Input Filters : surface area 3.85 m2
  • Type : G4 synthetic media
  • Exhaust filter trap : surface area 10.77 m2
  • Type : Synthetic Media Paint Arrest
  • Activated Carbon return to atmosphere
  • Type : Carbotec RT20 Foam.

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