Carcoon Workstations

Heavy duty commercial Workstation designed for mobile repairers. Also suitable for an isolation chamber for Window Tinting, Vehicle wraps etc.

The Workstation is effectively a fully functioning mobile paint booth using a two thousand eight hundred CFM air supply unit and industry standard filter media both on the input and exhaust.

Find out more about the benefits of Carcoon workstations which are available in a range of sizes for a variety of purposes.

Workstation Small

4.0L x 4.4W x 2.0H $9,980.00 inc GST (Click for more information)

workstation-smallThe smaller booth is ideal for parts and pieces, clips and also great for motorcycles.

Workstation Standard

8.0L x 4.4W x 2.0H $13,980.00 inc GST (Click for more information)


The full size booth is still very portable. Will fit all full size cars, trucks and SUV’s with ease.

Drive-in Workstation: Large

Large 9.5L x 4.6W x 3.3H $19980.00   (Click for more information)

This oversize booth is Suitable for high top vans, RV’s and Boats.

Drive-in Workstation: Extra Large

Extra Large 12.1L x 5.75W x 4.5H $22980.00 (Click for more information).

Custom Size workstations

678bdd_174a632514b64a838b373f117195cee4 IMG_0991.MOV Aircraft WS SIDE VIEW.j2pg

Available in a range of sizes for many differing end uses, Aircraft, Trains and Machinery.