Why Carcoon Your Car?

We cater to car enthusiasts around the world. Our customers value their cars, usually classic and sports cars, and want to take proper care of them.

The Carcoon uses award winning patented airflow technology, and will protect your car from several common dangers.

Dampness in the average garage is usually the build-up of condensation. Combine this with poor ventilation and it’s one of the worst places to keep any vehicle. The Carcoon Airflow System actively isolates, cleans and ventilates the air around the vehicle while it is garaged.

Many people think that a steady flow of air is required to keep the vehicle dry. In fact, you could not be further from the truth. Instead, you should be concerned about the dew-point – being the temperature at which dew starts to form. This can vary with the humidity and temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.

The Carcoon Airflow System works by creating an isolated environment around your car, with a stabilizing airflow to maintain a consistent air temperature. Cold air supports considerably less moisture than warm air, so it makes sense to keep the storage temperature low and stable.

Additionally, the air quality with the Carcoon is much higher than outside. Air is filtered through anti-oxidising filters, reducing airborne contaminates and pollutants. Our Activated Carbon Filters ensure maximum benefit within the internal airflow.

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