Why Carcoon Your Car?

We cater to car enthusiasts around the world. Our customers value their cars, usually classic and sports cars, and want to take proper care of them.

The Carcoon uses award winning patented airflow technology, and will protect your car from several common dangers.

Dampness in the average garage is usually the build-up of condensation. Combine this with poor ventilation and it’s one of the worst places to keep any vehicle. The Carcoon Airflow System actively isolates, cleans and ventilates the air around the vehicle while it is garaged.

Many people think that a steady flow of air is required to keep the vehicle dry. [Read more…]

Carcoon Update – February 2012

It’s been full on here at Carcoon, neat new product, fabulous new website and plenty of activity on the fun side of things too. Here’s some of the things we’ve been up to.

New Drive-in Carcoons

The New Drive-in Carcoon was released late last year, these have been a run away hit with many current Carcoon owners upgrading and enjoying the ease of use the Drive-in units provide.

Access Mode / Storage Mode

New sizes added to the Drive-in range:

  • Extra small 400cm L x 200cm W
  • Extra high units now available in all sizes, increases height from 175cm to 190cm (ideal for SUVs)

Drive-in workstation

Carcoon’s new mobile workstation/spray booth and is now in production, our demonstration unit will shortly be available for personal demonstrations, give us a call if you’d like to see how it works it’s a pretty cool piece of kit.